Saturday, April 30, 2011

Forest Hike

Gary is lucky enough to live minutes away from OSU's McDonald-Dunn forest ( ) where there are many nice walking trails.  But in the 12 years he has lived here, he has never gone on any walks there!

On Easter Sunday I went by myself on a lovely forest walk (photo below from that walk), and decided the two of us should go. 

The day before yesterday, I got him to agree to go with me on the next day, yesterday.

I woke up from my morning sleep (after working the night before) and found a note from him that he was doing errands and would be home by 2:00.  I got myself ready. It was a beautiful sunny day, and I was pumped.  He came home at 2:20 and I asked if he was ready for our little hike.  He said "I was hoping we could do it tomorrow."  I said no.  There was no reason to postpone, and I know if we postponed there would be some other reason not to do it tomorrow.  He said "Well it is raining in Lewisburg" (which is about 4 miles away).  I responded that it wasn't raining here.   He hates the rain and is ready to throw in the towel if it has rained, or might rain on any particular day.  Despite current conditions.

So we drove the 3 minutes it took to get to the closest trailhead. We arrived and he said "I wish we would have brought Lola".  Lola is the midsized terrier mix.  I said it was fine with me to go back and get Lola.  So we did.  Heading back to the trail head, he looked at clouds and said "Our asses are going to get wet."  I told him it wouldn't hurt us if they did.

Finally we embarked on our walk.  I told him I'd be happy with just 20 minutes in and 20 minutes out.  It was great.  Lola loved it.  We definitely need to do this regularly - we'll all be happier for these easy forest walks.  Here are some photos.