Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Forest Walk to Old Stubby

One of the best things I have done in Corvallis is go on a hike in McDonald Dunn OSU College Forests which is minutes from Gary's property.  Neighbor Kelly loves a particular hike, which passes by a particular tree, which he has named Old Stubby.  Isn't isn't exactly "stubby" in the sense it is not short.  But it is very wide, indicating it is very old.  It really stands out, so much wider than any other tree around it.  It has become something of a touchstone for Kelly.  He took me on this hike and I am so grateful.  I took photos.  These are really just a small sample of all there is to see - trees, creek, wild flowers, even a herd of OSU cattle.  It is fabulous.  The last photo here is a tree with mistletoe growing in it.

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