Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cherry Picking

I have never been excited about radishes, so I won't count them as the first thing we harvested this summer.  But I couldn't help but be excited about the tree beautifully adorned with pie cherries.  We picked a bit more than 4 quarts yesterday, pitted them, and put them in freezer bags to save for pies for later.

Gary had told me that he would not be getting on the ladder to pick cherries, that I could do that.  He said his doctor told him not to get on a ladder again, as he had had a fall a few years back and injured himself.  I was curious whether the reason was the unsteadiness of being on a ladder, or whether it had to do with physical condition, so I asked him what the doctor said about it. He said "The doctor said it is stupid for anyone over 60 to get on a ladder."  I could see as he was saying it that he was realizing he was telling me I should do something the doctor said would be stupid, as I am 62 years old.  So - he didn't want to injure himself but it was OK for me to take a chance?  I hope it was because he perceived that I am in good physical condition and less likely to lose my balance, rather than he cared more about hurting himself than me hurting myself.  Ha, ha.

Anyway, we did pick cherries and it will be fun to make pies with them later.  For now I just love looking at them.

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