Saturday, April 7, 2012

Holroyd Farm

I recently had a lot of fun visiting Gary's daughter Tenille's in-laws, Jerry and Joyce Holroyd.  Their farm property was first owned by Jerry's grandparents, purchased in 1920, and he grew up on it.  Tenille and her husband Byron also built their house there, which I think is great, as they all help each other.  Joyce and Jerry help with babysitting their grandchildren.  Tenille and Byron and help with things like rounding up cows if there is a break in the fencing.

I asked to visit Joyce, because she enjoys gardening and told me she has a greenhouse.  I wanted to see her greenhouse and see what plants she is cultivating.  I ended up enjoying the whole property.  Here is where we started, with the greenhouse.

I was also interested in the pump house with historic sign on it.

This is where the water used to be stored.

The outhouse has been converted to a tool shed, Joyce did decorative painting on the outside, and you'll see Jerry's tidy organization inside.

I just had to take a photo of this tree which looks like it has taken a bite of a pipe:

I loved the idea of a special cooking/canning house which was used in the summer so as not to heat up the main house.  I also loved seeing the chicken house.

They still raise cattle, and grow many fruits, berries and nuts.  Byron enjoys the memory of drying the nuts - cook house warmed by wood fire and the scent of the nuts.  Rural, yet they aren't far from town.  It seems to me a wonderful way of life.

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