Friday, November 19, 2010

August Dinner Party

My sister Debbie had told me about a friend of her husband Tony's, whose wife recently left him and he was depressed.  His name is Gary Haworth.  Gary, Tony, and another friend Jerry had bucked hay together when they were in high school, to earn money, and are still friends.  She was trying to think of someone to introduce him to, and thought of me.  She told me he lived on property in the country, had a huge garden, and loved growing things.  That did sound interesting.  I had really been enjoying growing some vegetables myself.  I had been driving through some beautiful country on my way to and from my job in Mt. Angel, and wondered wistfully what life would be like in the country.

Finally the day arrived for the dinner party party.  I took a look at Gary and immediately thought of Garrison Keillor, but Gary is better looking.  Debbie's neighbor thought he looked like David Letterman, and I guess he is a mix between Garrison Keillor and David Letterman.  Anyway, he arrived with lots of vegetables that he had grown.  He talked about roasting his own coffee beans.  I showed interest and he said he would give me some beans he had roasted.  Other than that I didn't sense he had any interest in me.  Before he left I told him that I would love to see his place.  Hint, hint.  He said "I'd like to have you (pause) you and Debbie and Tony over."  I wasn't sure if he included Debbie and Tony because he didn't want me to think he was interested in me. 

I decided to wait a bit and look at my calendar and try to figure out a free day that would work with Debbie and Tony.  But before I did that, Debbie told me that we were invited for dinner, September 25th.  I happened to be free that night!

Here is a photo of the hay buckers -  Tony, Jerry, and Gary that night:

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  1. I love your blog, Sydney! You are a wonderful writer and have an interesting life.