Friday, November 19, 2010

Corvallis Manor

I have worked 7 nights at my new job at Corvallis Manor.  The first 3 were orientation, by a man named Evin in the short stay area.  His girlfriend, Abigail works the same shift, days and area.  He is wonderful.  Compassionate, competent, and has a sense of humor with patients.  Abigail at times has a dark point of view, but was also helpful to me and I appreciate her too.  I hope I scored points with them by unclogging a toilet and mopping up the overflow one night.  I do think it works best when we all are willing to do whatever needs to be done.

The next 4 days I was responsible for 15 people - some were short stay patients and some long term care residents.  At least they were all in the same hallway.  It was a little challenging because each group had a different nurse, and I needed to try to keep straight which nurse was responsible for which person, and there were a few differences in charting.  But at least it was the same group all 4 nights, which really helped, as I got to know them.  And there weren't any who required excessive attention.

So far I love all the nurses and all the aides.  There are a few things that are better than at my old job.  They take care of their own laundry, and we're never short on linens (constant problem at PBNC).  The soap dispensers are much better, you just wave your hand under to get nice foamy soap.  At PBNC we had to push, push, push, and push and got a puny amount of slimy soap out.  The person handling HR seems really 'with it' and nice.  And I like the director of nursing, who hired me.

All in all, the facility is similar to PBNC, and I think it will work out well.  I do love the short commute, I make it home to Gary's before I get sleepy.

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