Friday, November 19, 2010

September Dinner at Gary's

I was excited about going to dinner at Gary's and put thought into what I should wear. I decided on flattering jeans (going to a farm after all) and crisp white blouse. I was told that we could pick some vegetables from his garden and I was looking forward to that.

I got directions, but went to google maps for what looked like better directions. I was to meet Debbie and Tony, and their other friend Jerry there. Unfortunately, google maps let me down, the road I expected to taker there didn't go through. And also unfortunately, cell phone reception is sketchy at Gary's house. Finally I was able to text Tony the country road intersection where I was, and Gary and Tony came to retrieve me.

I was just a little rattled when I arrived. Gary poured me a big glass of wine. Debbie and Tony had already picked some vegetables for themselves. We all went out for me to see the garden.  Gary noted that it was starting to get dark and said "Why don't you just spend the night here and get vegetables in the morning.  I have a spare room."  Because of being tired from my drive, and the wine, it DID sound really good to not have to drive the hour and a half back to Beaverton after dinner.  But it was also a little odd to be invited to spend the night in front of the other guests.  I was mostly liking the idea of staying.  So I said yes.  Gary told me that there was also a Harvest Festival that was supposed to be fun in Corvallis the next day.

We had a wonderful meal - Gary cooked salmon marinated in soy sauce and bourbon.  And he made the same cobbler recipe that I use!  Melted butter, batter, fruit, bake without mixing.  Here is the dinner plate, and Gary and Jerry in the kitchen:

Debbie said she drove home a little worried about me, and was in mother bear mode.  She said she thought "I THINK he is a nice guy.  I HOPE he is a nice guy."  And he was very nice, did not make any sort of move toward me - no kiss or anything.  I stayed in the guest room, which I liked.

It was raining the next morning, which didn't look like as much fun, for the Harvest Festival.  I couldn't think what else to do with myself, so after a nice breakfast that Gary cooked, and after collecting vegetables, I headed home.  I did kiss him before I left.

Here are squashes that I got from the garden.  I think they are beautiful.

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