Monday, January 17, 2011

January 2011 Visit to Klamath Falls

Gary and I decided to visit our mothers in Klamath Falls, and being January, decided to take the train so we wouldn't need to worry about travel conditions.  The trip down was in the dark.  Comfortable and quiet.  I loved how the snowy landscape shone in the moonlight as the train pulled into town.  It all went pretty well except for the cab ride home from the train station for Gary.  I had a quick pleasant trip up the hill, but we had to share the cab with two others and Gary was the last one dropped off.  He was subjected to some political opinions that raised his blood pressure.

I have a friend from high school, Colleen.  Her husband James worked as a truck driver for my dad's logging company.  He said he had a lot of respect for my father, which of course made me feel good. Coincidentally, they purchased some firewood from Gary's mother.  On impulse I decided to invite them all to my mother's house for a little social gathering.  And invited my friends Shirlee and Sam as well.  Shirlee, who I know from the Portland area and volunteering with Operation Shoebox, now teaches nuclear medicine technology at OIT.  I can't believe it has been 5 years since she moved there!  Here are Shirlee and Sam:

The social gathering went well.  I didn't have any dress up clothes.  The geothermal heat keeps the house so warm we sweat without any layering, so we don't take many clothes.  My sisters and I have learned not to even take turtlenecks to wear there - too warm.  But my mother pulled out some fun garments that made us feel festive - Bippity Mega Bibs - created and marketed by my cousin's daughter Alice.  (See   Here is a photo:

The gathering went well.  We got some wonderful bread pudding with whiskey sauce from a local bakery.  I made some jam-pastry squares from ingredients I found there.

I was really touched with the interest that James showed in all the photos in my dad's office.  He said he wished he had been able to talk with him while he was still alive.  That was sad - I could have arranged it if I had known his time was so short.  Sigh.  But my dad did some writing about his life as a logger, so I intend to copy to send to James.  Here is a photo of Colleen and James:

Gary's and my mothers are both from Oklahoma.  They have the same birthday, one year apart.  They are both doing pretty well.  Here they are, Theresa Kennedy on the left, and Jennie Haworth on the right:

We felt happy we had this little party.

Gary and I enjoyed some spectacular scenery on the way back.  Evergreens draped with snow, and open views of the snowy coastal mountain range.  We came back, predictably, to the gray skies of the Willamette Valley.  I have to say I do love the many clear days that Klamath Falls enjoys.

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  1. I really enjoyed hearing about your trip and the get-together you hosted. The photos were fantastic, too! Love, Pam