Monday, January 3, 2011

OSU vs Arizona Basketball game

Someone gave Gary tickets to an OSU basketball game, happening last night.  I told him of course I would go with him, more to be company for him than being excited about going.  Our neighbors Kelly and Dana also wanted to go, so that made it more fun, for the four of us to go.

I got caught up in the excitement pretty fast - it was fun to see so much orange in the auditorium, and there was good hip hop music playing as we entered..  Later, I really enjoyed the pep band, I thought they did a wonderful job on the national anthem, and other energetic numbers whenever there was a break.  I do know about college music students, and know that some of them will pursue music careers or at least have music as a life long interest and gift.  My mind wandered, to thinking how interesting if we could know about the future for each one of them, and the future for each of the athletes.  Here is a photo of the colliseum including the band:

It was also entertaining to watch the cheerleaders and dance team.  The women were saucy and athletic.  The men mostly waved megaphones around and held cheerleaders up in the air by one foot.  Then dropped them into their arms.  Over and over.

Now for the game.  I was a little worried at the start.  Arizona was favored, and they looked big and intimidating, to me.  OSU plays kind of tossed the ball to one another as if they were afraid to move in and shoot.  It was a shakey start.  But number 22, Calvin Haynes, started moving FAST and maneuvering and all of a sudden there was a game (or that is how it seemed to me).  He and Jared Cunningham were incredible.  Here is the play that ignited the crowd:

I also loved seeing Craig Robinson - very, very cool to have Michelle's brother here. He is (tiny) in this photo.  I have only been using my iphone lately for photos, so there is no zooming.

Anyway, it was a very close game and so extra thrilling that OSU won.  I think I will want to go again.

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