Thursday, January 6, 2011

Playing Bridge in Corvallis

I signed up for an Intermediate Bridge class at the senior center - partly because I'd like to play better and partly to meet people with common interests.  They told me it was full and put me on the waiting list.  I just showed up and was grateful there was room for me.  The class consists of an hour of lesson, and an hour of practice.

I sat at a table with a young couple.  The woman, Asian, had a badge that showed she is a Med Aide and was headed to work tonight, like me!  She said she first played bridge in middle school.  The young man who must be a friend of hers showed up at a "duplicate" game (normally quite competitive), never having played before.  They are both obviously bright.

We used "duplicate" materials, which I've never played before, so I needed a little help with what to do.  The young couple were really nice to me, showing me what I needed to know.  The instructor made our "fourth".  They told me about other opportunities to play, including at the Elks Club where you can get hammered on $2 mixed drinks.  Ha, ha.  They seemed very welcoming to me, it was great.

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