Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bearkat House Concert and Party

Last night we hosted a party for a performance of Bearkat, the group that Nick has playing with and touring with for the past month.  I was beside myself with excitement about their arrival - inviting guests, making food, and looking forward to hearing them play.  I was glad that they arrived early, plenty of time to get situated and to rest a little before the party. 

We have a variety of spaces for them to sleep.  They have been used to all sleeping in one room, and they said they have gotten used to that.  In face they said the first night on the tour that they were able to have separate rooms they had "separation anxiety" which I thought was so cute.  But they did opt for multiple rooms here, for a little better rest.

It made me so happy that they said they loved the food I offered.

The group leader, singer, and composer of the music is Katy.  She plays guitar, banjo, and ukulele.   Brian on guitar, Kent on drums, and Nick on euphonium.  But they all play different instruments including various percussion instruments and the lovely toy pink piano.  Meredith has been touring with them as the videographer.  Here are some videos of them:

The party was fun - except for guests being noisy and having the feeling that some were not listening to the music.  But afterwards Brian said he liked the lack of performance pressure - they could play in a very relaxed way.  But some of us did listen and their music was just beautiful.  There was a good variety of styles, volume, etc., which kept me very entertained.  And even the people who didn't SEEM to be listening told me enthusiastically how good they thought the group is.  I enjoyed getting to know some of Gary's friends a little better, and meeting some others for the first time.  Also, I really appreciated that a band mom, Linda, who lives in Corvallis came with a friend.  And my sister Debbie and husband Tony, who introduced Gary and me.

I didn't take photos until after the party.  Here is one of the group, being funny:

Later they played cards:

It made me happy that they seemed to enjoy each other's company so much.  Also, they were just fun to talk to and have around.  I know they will be going their separate ways soon, but wish I could have them all back once a year.

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