Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Outlook

I am always wistful about the days when our WHOLE family got together - parents, sisters, their spouses, and all our children.  In recent years we've been scattered.  This year will especially feel scattered with the recent death of our father.  My son Jacob won't be able to make it home from Peru because of job commitments.  That is not all bad - this job was a promotion and the school he works for has done the paperwork for him to work legally in Peru.  Plus he'll be home for a visit in February and I look forward to that.  I'm grateful that he has a good job.  And a Peruvian girlfriend, and her family.

A bit of craziness for me, as I work the night shift on Christmas Eve, plus again the night shift on Christmas day.  Gary keeps saying "You don't HAVE to work", but I like having the money, a way of making my own friends, and stories to tell.  Plus the benefits.

Anyway, the way it will go this year is Debbie, bless her, is hosting a Christmas brunch.  Pam and her son Joe will come, Nick and Debbie's son John will be there, and Gary (bless him) will take me.  Then we'll come back to Corvallis where we will host a 4 pm dinner for Gary's daughter and her family, and anyone else who wants to come.

I am grateful for being with this wonderful guy, Gary.  And grateful for my wonderful sisters.  And wonderful sons.  I will miss going to the Christmas Eve service at Calvin Presbyterian in Tigard that I used to go to with my sons.  But one of these years I hope some sort of Christmas Eve service will be a tradition again.

Lots of love to everyone this season.

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