Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Corvallis Christmas Parade

I particularly enjoyed going to Corvallis' 26th annual Christmas parade.  I love smaller town parades anyway.  But it seemed especially fun to bundle up and get out for this.  Someone (maybe Starbucks?) was generously handing out cups of rich hot chocolate.  I loved seeing the families all out there together. 

There was quite a variety in the parade.  Big hair rodeo queens, corgi dog owners walking their dogs, the mayor in his electric car.  I especially enjoyed the Grace Lutheran Church music group -singing rocking music with the men in suits and dark glasses a la the Blues Brothers.  International exchange students marched by with their flags.  There seemed to be a world peace theme, which I can always appreciate.

But maybe the most exciting things were people powered vehicles that came from "The daVinci Days" - they looked like the old time bicycles with huge, and I mean huge, wheels.  Apparently this is an international event hosted in the summer in Corvallis - see  I can't wait.

Afterwards we went to the home of friends of Gary's for dessert.  An HP engineer and his wife that Gary knows from bowling.  They have a funny competition - the wife for her lemon bars and the man for his chocolate chip cookies.  He told us his that his wife's were "Duncan and Hines" when they were clearly home made.  She had a blue ribbon from a fair for them - they reallly were good.  It is fun to meet the wide variety of people who bowl.  And fun that everywhere we go people know Gary.

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