Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Da Vinci Days

For me, the most exciting days in Corvallis are "Da Vinci Days", a festival of science, technology, arts, and revelry.  It is always the 3rd weekend in July, and draws thousands of people.  There is a contest for human powered vehicles, and they compete on sand, mud and in water.  It is just amazing to see the vehicles people come up with, and they are all clever and decorative.

There is a community arts display, and the theme last year was connection.  Again, clever and fun.

One place I spent a lot of time was Greentown - a place with from many ecological organizations.  I learned so much!  I had no idea there were so many non profits as well as government agencies doing interesting work related to the environment.

There were also music concerts, and I loved seeing Bobby McFerrin and the Yellowjackets.  Really great straight ahead jazz that did my heart a lot of good.

I will include a number of my photos.

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