Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mennonite Village

In September we moved our 91 year old mother to Mennonite Village, in Albany.  We will not sell or even clear out her house until she is ready.  Of course it wasn't easy for her to give up on the idea of living in her own home, but she has had some falls that caused her doctor to say that she cannot live by herself. 

We chose this facility based on recommendations of people who are familiar with facilities in this area.  Our mother is in assisted living, but they also have independent living, rehab, and long term care.  It feels good to know that whatever her needs they will be able to care for her.  I keep telling her to be grateful that she isn't in long term care, her quality of life is good with attractive facility, a room to herself, a kitchenette, carpeted floor, fun activities, good food, etc.

Debbie and I both live about a half hour away.  For Pam it is closer to 2 hours.  So she visits just once a week, for a longer visit.  Debbie and I have been going 2 or 3 times a week.  Of course there have been a few wrinkles to iron out, but we are overall impressed with the staff.  The woman in charge of activities is especially wonderful, she has worked hard to include our mother in all activities including exercise, music performances, wii games, etc.  For Halloween they brought out a number of hats for residents to have fun with.  Mother picked out a fun Christian Dior hat.

Another particularly wonderful aide seems to enjoy styling her long hair.  Our mother insisted we get a purple hair extension for her, as she saw one on an aide at the hospital.  We did, and the Mennonite Village aide will weave it in with her braid, making her look artistic.  She has also brought in, at her own expense, styling gel and clips to do up her hair.

We have been getting to know some of the other residents, and are starting to feel like we're part of the Mennonite Village family.  I am already fond of a number of the others.  Mother sits with different people at each meal, and there is usually some interesting conversation.  Our mother is frequently the one that gets conversations going.

I am so grateful that I have my sisters, it is great to share looking out for her amongst the 3 of us.  And grateful we always come to agreement on any issues relating to our mother.

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