Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Half Marathon

Corvallis hosted it's first ever half marathon run and walk.  I was surprised when my sister Debbie said she was going to train for, and plan to do a run/walk for this half marathon. Didn't she realize she is over 60 (older than me!) and has never done anything like this?  I was afraid that she was sure to injure herself.  I used to run short races, and then walked Hood to Coast a couple of times, and was convinced for myself that I could not do that any more.  I felt problems in my knees when I tried to walk briskly for too long.  Anyway, she trained according to a book, and she MADE IT!  I was at the finish line and I was so very proud of her.

She told me about the book "Younger Next Year" that she and Tony have learned from.  The idea is to stay in the shape that you are from age 50 on through your 80's, or even to recover being in better shape than when you start.  I have read it and am now working more on my fitness.  One ray of hope - Sheryl Van Fleet who wrote "The Recumbent and the Upright" said that long rides on her recumbent bike fixed her knee problems.  So maybe I'll be able to do more than I thought.

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