Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fourth of July party

Gary has an annual fourth of July party.  I arranged for a group Nick plays with, "Rocket Stove Workshop" to perform, which added to the fun.  The music was a funky New Orleans style.  We barbequed, and everyone brought side dishes for a fabulous spread.  Activities included croquet, kicking soccer ball around, and putting on the golf green.

I was so happy that friends of my own came.  Vesna and Burke and their families, who I met at exercise classes.  Becky and Ligaya and their families, from work.  Consuelo and Tom, old friends, came from Salem.  Dan and Diana Breen, plus Jill Hibbs drove down from Tigard.  My sisters came, which made me really happy.  And new-old friends Bryon and Sheryl Van Fleet who recently moved to Corvallis.  It was great.

The most patriotic dishes brought were by two who are not native to the USA.  Burke, from Australia, brought a scrumptious red, white and blue trifle.  Vesna, originally from Croatia, brought a huge platter of strawberries dipped in white chocolate with blue sprinkles on them.  I pretty much ate those instead of anything else.

We three sisters in our dad's hats

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