Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I really appreciate that old friends have visited me here, and I have also made some new friends.  I have made friends at work, at my exercise classes, and at least one that I met through Gary.  It is fun that many are from different countries.  Maria, from Chile invited those at a zumba class to her house, so that was the start of some friendships.  Left to right it is Maria, Vesna from Croatia, Leela our teacher, Fran from Iran, and me.

Vesna invited friends for lunch.  Again Maria, Vesna, Burke from Australia, Amanda, me, Caroline from Switzerland, and Leela.

I had a gathering at my house.  This is before Ligaya (nurse friend from work) and Sue (met through Gary got there.  The group from left is Irena (new friend met through Vesna), Carolina, Consuelo (old friend), Karla (college friend), Maria, Linda (band mom from Nick's award winning high school jazz band), Ann (neighbor) and Vesna.

Sue, Karla, me, Linda

Consuelo and Ligaya

Ligaya, Vesna and I want to get together on a somewhat regular basis to exercise and support each other in other healthy pursuits like discussing nutrition.  We'll be inviting others to join us.  Here is Ligaya at Imagine Coffee, which is a great place.  And Vesna and I went on a hike to the top of Chip Ross park on a rainy windy day.  We felt so good about the exercise.

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